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Nakhlay's Investment and its Economics

The client invests in 40 Medjool Palm trees (per acre) and the company provides: – The land that will be cultivated which is located in Siwa oasis due its prime location for this type of palm trees. -The palms that will be planted which was chosen carefully by our specialized agricultural team to get the most produce out of the palms. -Wells for Water source . -Irrigation networks so we can continuously water the palm trees without any problems. -A specialized agricultural team that use the most modern and technological ways in cultivation and apply the international quality standards. -Provide the trained and specialized working force for the plantation and maintaining the palms . -Fertilizers used for plantation . -Harvesting in the most modern and technological of ways. -Marketing for the produce and selling it .

Production and International Demand

There are several types of dates sold in the world. Medjool Dates dominates the prestigious market for dates, which are relatively expensive and are considered the world’s most valuable dates. The global consumption of Medjool dates is about 40,000 tons. The world market for all kinds of dates is about 8 million tons . .


The profit for the investor ranges from 60% to 100% after the return of the initial investment cost

the cost of the usufruct for 1 acre for 50 years is 220,000 EGP that can be payed over 3 years installments without any interests

Each palm produces 2 shoots


Average produce for each palm is ranged from 60 to 90 kilograms

The number of Medjool palms in each acre is 40

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