Frequently Asked Questions

Atlas Siwa for Agricultural Investment is a subsidiary of Atlas Egypt for Investment and Food Production which is listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange and Is subject to financial supervision from the Capital Market Authority, Atlas has been established in 1997

Palm produce starts in the fourth year and the average production of the palm increases each following year, until it reaches an average production ranged from 60 to 90 kilo / year.

For the planting season, there are two seasons in the year for planting the palms (February, March, September, October). Currently the land is ready for cultivation.

First, we guarantee the palm during the four years required for growth by changing any weak palm, and even after the full growth of palm trees and the beginning of production if there is any need for any change in palms we replace them without any extra cost.

Secondly, we calculate the total return of the land, and the proportion of your share of all the production of the cultivated area according to the area of ​​land allocated to you, means almost no possibility of loss or risk.

Each Palm has a code allocated to it, you can use said codes on the company’s website to get a follow up on their growth and their production.

because the average lifetime for the palm is 50 years ..

We are an Egyptian shareholding company, one of the Atlas companies registered in the Egyptian Stock Exchange and subject to financial supervision from the Capital Market Authority.

The harvest is done by a modern and scientific way so that we ensure that there is not any waste in the crop. .

This is the necessary time required for the palm to grow and start producing dates .

 That way you will pay almost triple the initial cost of the investment since you as an investor will pay the costs of maintaing the land and the palms of the already passed 4 years and we want to reduce the initial cost to make the investment available for everybody .

 In addition, in that situation you will pay the initial cost of the investment in its entirety and you wont be able to divide it into installments. Currently you can pay in 4 years installments without any interests.

It is true that you don’t own the land nor the palms but you can sell the contract itself at any time and it could be even inherted, all of this is written in the contract between you as an investor and the company, and this contract value gets increased by time not the opposite, specially after production, and most probably you wont sell it since the annual profit gets higher with Inflation since the Medjool Dates price is attributed to foreign currencies since it is an export commodity .
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