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Nakhlaty project is an agricultural investment project in the Medjool Dates You invest only with money. And we with money, land, effort and care

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Growth and Safety

The best place in Egypt to find Medjool Dates is Siwa Oasis since it is the perfect place for its plantation due to its varied natural resources

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Investment Cost for 1 Acre

The cost of investment (50 years) is 220,000 EGP for 1 acre that could be payed over 3 years installments, the investor's profit will be from 60% to 100% after the return of the investment cost

Average Production


Each Medjool palm Produce on average from 60 kgs to 90 kgs per year

The number of Palms for each Acre

Our client investment is in 40 Medjool palms per acre

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